If only I could read her mind!!

Yesterday Kennedy had a MAJOR meltdown after dance. When she melts down it is SCARY!!! She just screams and wails at the top of her lungs. I couldn’t understand a word she was crying about because she was hyperventilating so much. It truly was dramatic and pathetic all at once!! We had all the neighbors as an audience and I was embarrassed! I had church meetings last night, and so Brian came home from work in time to do a quick hand off and I left. He put the kids to bed. I had told him about the tantrum earlier in the day and so he asked Kennedy about it. She told him, “I was only mad at Mom because she was going to throw my things in the trash!”

If I had only known!! Here’s what happened:
I took a brown grocery bag (the same we use for lining our trash can) out to the car to clean out all the things that get left in there. I can’t stand to have stuff all over in the car. Kennedy’s really bad about taking stuff out and not wanting to bring it back in. She came outside with me freaking out while this is all happening. I threw a few pieces of trash in the outside garbage and she stormed away. She was just beside herself! It seems she thought I threw all her things away!! If I had only known…

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  • Janet

    On the one hand… I am feeling oh so sorry for you. On the other… I am laughing hysterically and thinking that little apple didn’t fall far from her mama’s tree!:) We survived and so will you! You turned into a total sweetheart and so will Kennedy. In the meantime you will get improve your patience! Dad was always better at getting you calmed down and figuring out the root of the real problem than I was. Too bad they aren’t always around to help!!!

  • bdawg schmash andrizzle & n.o.p

    It was good to hear from you. Checking in on your craziness, makes me feel a little more balanced. Mother solidarity. Sorry about Bryan. He will be in our prayers.

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