The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Today we took a break from conference (which was wonderful) and took the kids to an event at the local mall. It was a fun little party for the kids. They had juice and cookies and got to make their very own hat. Kennedy got to play on the playground, and have a little Easter egg hunt with treats inside. There was also a musical performance from Alice and the Mad Hatter. The kids got to dance and sing along. At the end of the performance, we also got to meet the Easter Bunny!
Brian got a new pair of running shoes. I think he’s milking this Iraq deployment for all it’s worth!! Just teasing babe!
It was such a beautiful day, as we drove home we saw how crowded the beaches were and wondered why we didn’t go there! Things have been crazy around here with all the spring-breakers! That’s what we get for living in a vacation hot spot! Maybe next weekend!
I made peanut butter cookies tonight while Brian is at the Priesthood session. I am missing my girls wishing you were here to hang with while the guys are gone!!
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  • Colleen

    Kennedy, you are so darling. Can you feel a big hug? I’m sending it your way. The bunny was very cute! Julie and the girls and I had fun while dad and Ryan went to the Priesthood Broadcast. Maylie wasn’t feeling well but we used it as a good excuse to all cuddle on the couch, drink a Jamba and then read stories till bed time. It was
    a great way to end a great day.

  • callingallinglets

    I am in awe. What a fun day with the Easter Bunny. Was it crowded? We are here in Pittsburgh visiting a new grandbaby. We went to an Easter Egg hunt but we never got a great show like that one. It is fun to be here though, but maybe the beach would be better. Have fun enjoying the wonderful weather. When does Bri leave? Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • Burke family

    We were thinking the same thing… wishing we were all together to play while the boys were gone. What a fun party! That mall is too cool! Why doesn’t anything around here do fun things like that. We tried to hit a couple stores for fun here in Poky which apparently closes down at 6 pm on the weekends, not to mention all of the stores are going out of business. Poor Pocatello… it’s struggling… and poor mom.

  • Janet

    Yep -it was a hot time in old Pocatello!! We ended up at Fred Meyer and found a sweet deal on Hot Wheel cars!! Whoo Hoo! We did sing to Jason when he got home from Conference. He told us 34 years of practice and it doesn’t sound any better! Rude, huh!! Loving you guys and missing you too!!!

  • artmomma

    Brian needs to learn to play up this Iraq thing. 🙂
    Marc talked me into a PS3, and he is only in Germany.

  • Natalie

    Not that he’s not trying… shoes are just one of the many things that he will NEED! ;o)

  • Tara

    Looks like you are having fun, as usual! Florida looks like the perfect place to live! And we can’t wait to come visit you all there!

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