Kennedy got some 3-D chalk at a birthday party a few weeks back and has been dying to use it, so we decided to include it in family home evening this week. We talked about the Bible story Jonah and the whale and being more obedient. Then, we went outside to illustrate the story on our driveway. While we were out there, we drew a hopscotch grid and jumped around for awhile too. The kids loved it and it burned off a bit of the extra energy before bed. Besides, the glasses were awesome!
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  • Amanda

    So happy Kennedy enjoyed them, sounds like a fun night.

  • roberta

    What a fun night, and a fun idea. Where do you get 3 D chalk? That sounds fun for me too. Those kids are such cuties.

    When does Bri leave and are you coming home for the summer? How long will he be gone. Take care. Love, Mama Inglet

  • Burke family

    Looks like fun. I especially love the little smiley picture of Nathan. What a cutie!

  • Janet

    Looks like Baby Nate had a fun time – what a cute happy boy!!

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