A peak at what we’ve been up to.

It was really great to be able to watch Kennedy in dance class. She has really learned a lot and is becoming quite the graceful little ballerina. We also had a chance to have a sneak peak at the dances that they will perform for recital. This was especially nice since Daddy will be deployed and miss the actual performance.

A few weeks ago, Nathan had his first taste of something other than mommy’s milk! He thought it was great stuff, but I couldn’t feed it to him fast enough. He seemed to think that it should flow like his milk does. In frustration, he grabbed the bowl in my hand and started to drink it straight from the bowl- forget a spoon! This seems to be a strong family gene- just like his sister! Unfortunately, we stopped the cereal because his tummy didn’t do so well. Both Nathan and I didn’t get much sleep. He’s grown up a lot in the last few weeks, so I thought I would try it again today. Here’s to hoping I am not up ALL night!!
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  • Janet

    What a cute ballerina!! Let us kinow how this round of rice cereal went!! Hopefully – much better!! XXOO

  • artmomma

    I love the middle right picture of Kennedy-it’s so cute how you caught her smiling at the camera.

  • Camile

    Those pictures of Nathan are so cute! I love how wide-eyed he is – you can tell he just LOVES it!!

    p.s. with Ellie I went straight to oatmeal cereal instead of rice. Because rice cereal didn’t work so well with Carly either. Oatmeal has a little more fiber in it. Anyway, I’m not sure if that would help his tummy or not…

  • Colleen

    Brian was excited to see the dances. He mentioned that when we talked last week. Nathan is getting so big. I love those cheeks!

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