I just couldn’t let the day pass without having a little fun. Kennedy is WAY into all the little holidays. I try to make a BIG deal of them and make things fun. I had gotten the idea from a magazine and decided to give it a try. You make jello in a glass, so when they go to take a drink…nothing comes out. It turned out really cute, and Kennedy thought it was great. That’s what I was shooting for! She said to me that she plans to remember that for when she’s a mommy too! Today when we were having breakfast she asked me, “Mom, is today a play a joke day too, because that was so fun!” She talked about it for the rest of the day. Brian totally freaked me out too (as a side note), so next year I might have to think of something hard core for him! Hmmmm…

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  • Colleen

    I had plans for an April Fools call but I got distracted until too late to talk to Kennedy. How did the little surgery go? I was going to call after her nap then all of a sudden it was after her bed time. My days go so fast!! I must be getting older.

  • Janet

    What a fun idea! April Fools was almost over before we realized it was here!! Sadly, no one rigged the sprayer this year to give Mom an April Fools Day surprise! Dang!!! 🙂

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