Simple pleasures.. that make me CRAZY!!

I was also thinking that we need to buy stock in paper and art supplies with our little budding artist. Kennedy covers our house in her creations. I even found a big collage of pictures she had drawn glued to our back door! YEAH! The major problem is that she can’t bear to see any of them disappear after awhile! I pulled my journal out the other night to find my page covered in colored hearts! It just made me giggle a little!

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  • Katyanne

    I have the same problem with kaydence. She loves all things crafts…she will not sit still for a second unless she has some sort of craft in from of her. At preschool she stays in the art center all day long. good new is she doesn’t care when the disappear!!!!!! But yeah we never have paper in our house..she has used and abused it.

  • Janet

    Such a cutie – but such a busy one!!! xx oo

  • Shanna

    Glued on the back door?! She is such a busy body :). I would love to see some of her artwork sometime. Give her hugs for me!

  • Burke family

    What a busy little girl! I’m afraid you couldn’t make an artwork folder big enough to keep all of her treasures at this point. 🙂

  • Colleen

    What a girl! I am sending some fun Easter projects to keep her busy a couple of days. Keep a couple of her art pages to show her when she gets frustrated that ALL the paper in her house has at least one scribble on it! Give her hugs for G&G Call. I wish she could entertain us more often!

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