Just remembering…

I was thinking back to a year ago reflecting on how things have changed. I realized that a year ago today we went to the doctor and found out that we would be adding a little boy to our family in October. It’s hard to believe that much time has come and gone. Now I look at our little guy as he is sitting up and what a big boy he has become! There’s times I wish I could just push pause and freeze the moments. He is such a happy bright spot in our lives. We love our Nathan and his big bright smile!
p.s. Nathan LOVES bath time!!!

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  • Tara

    My sentiments exactly. Life is good and our children make it so! It makes me wonder, too, what great things will happen in the next year. He sure has a cute smile!

  • Elise and Chad Ashby

    He is a beautiful little guy. I sure hope that one of these days I can meet him and catch up with you guys!

  • Janet

    What happened to that little guy that liked to snuggle up and go to sleep with grandma!? 🙁 He looks much wigglier now.

  • Shanna

    He does have a great smile. Just looking at pictures of him makes me happy! What a cutie!

  • Burke family

    What a cutie! Things sure have changed in the last year. Can we possibly guess what the next year will bring for all of us?!

  • Colleen

    I love that face!! It’s just not fair that we can’t hug him across the miles. Lots has happened in the past year. It’s true, this next year will be full of changes for your family also. Thankfully we have the gospel and our families to keep us focused in the same direction where ever we are and whatever were are asked to do. We are thankful for the strong family you have created. It is a comfort to us all.

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