Spring has Sprung !!!

The new flowers are blooming at our house. They are beautiful!!
Yeah!!! We are picking Daddy up tonight from the airport and then off we go to Disney World this weekend!!
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  • Shanna

    How pretty! We’ve gotten snow a couple of times this week so spring has definitely not sprung here yet. I hope you have a fabulous vacation! Safe travels!

  • callingallinglets

    Have a fun vacation. We will miss your blogs, but look forward to great pictures when you get back. Have fun. Mama Inglet

  • Janet

    Beautiful picture -just like out of a book!! Yea, Daddy’s home!!! Have so much fun in Orlando. We will be moving back upstairs while you are gone – that sounds fun too, right? 🙂

  • Myers Family

    Have fun at Disney World!!

  • Burke family

    We got snow this week… enough said! 🙁

  • Kim

    There’s nothing better than picking up daddy from a long time away!! Tell Brian we will be thinkin of him and pray for his safety and most of all pray for you!! The real heroes of the military are the wives that keep the show running while daddy’s away!!!

  • Julie Arfmann

    I love spring! I already wear shorts everyday! You guys must be in Diney World right now! My girls are so jealous! And I want to just squeeze that cute baby Nathan! He is seriously just so cute! Love you guys!

  • Colleen

    It will be a while before flowers are blooming in Idaho but it is usually worth the wait!. Supposed to be up to the 40’s this week end. A real heat wave! We will be checking every day to see the Disney World photos! Love you all soooooo much!

  • GaRNiTuRe

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