The crafty side!!

With Brian gone, I have had lonely nights to keep myself busy. Night is the hardest time for me. I just hate being home alone at night. The kids go to bed and then it’s just me. I decided to start some crafty projects. I had talked with my sister a while ago about nursing cover-ups. She made a really cute one and loves it, so I decided to make one too. I haven’t had to have much practice nursing Nathan in public places. However,with our trip to Disney World next week, I am sure I will being nursing him in all kinds of places. I pulled all my sewing stuff out before putting the kids to bed. Kennedy wanted to sew with me, so I told her that would come up with a project for her in the morning. The next morning she worked on a blanket for her dolls. too cute. I finished the cover-up in one evening! YEAH! Now, I am on to the quiet book. Wow!! I could get a lot of projects done in 6 months!!!
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  • Zach 'n' Jack

    awesome!! I am super impressed with Kennedy’s craft skills too 😉 Do you have a pattern for your quiet book? I want to make one and have found about a gazillion different ideas online, but I’m not sure which one I actually want to do… do you have any inside scoop for me??

  • Shanna

    That’s a cute nursing cover. I’m planning on making one too…in the future when I need one! Sounds like you will get a lot done trying to keep yourself busy at nights. I’ll look forward to seeing posts about all your crafty ideas. And you can always call me at nights if Bri is busy! I’d love to chat anytime. Love you!

  • Janet

    I love the pictures of Kennedy sewing – so cute! She looks like she feels so grown up and proud of herself! Cheer up! Bri will be home soon and then let the fun (at Disney World) begin!!

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    ps…i usually use Picasa for my photo editing, it’s free and very user-friendly 🙂 I have photoshop elements, but find it very intimidating. I haven’t used it too much, but I’m working on learning it!

  • Eaton Five

    Good for you! I always am able to get fun projects done at night when Mike is gone too! I just can’t climb into bed alone at night until I know that I will fall right to sleep! Enjoy Disney World!!!

  • Tara

    Nights alone are hard but I look forward to seeing all your cute craft projects and getting ideas!

  • artmomma

    I had a tiny sewing machine like that when I was small!

    Plan for lots of projects, it is way better than using the tv for company.

  • roberta

    I say ditto to all of the above. I don’t know if you know that Clark was a police officer. THere were many lonely nights, and now he is always gone visiting the kids since I am still teaching school. I know that it is a good time for projects.
    I loved your nursing cover. Also, I love that little Kennedy. Wow, she has so much spunk. As a teacher, she is way advanced. She wants to sew? I don’t think my kids started doing that until they were much older. Does she know she is only 4, or does she think she is 44? See ya, Mama Inglet

  • Burke family

    Well, you can definitely talk to me about nights alone and crafting to stay busy. Hang in there and call your sister! 🙂 Your cover-up turned out so cute and wasn’t it easy? Totally worth it I thought. Good luck on the quiet book – it’s tons of work and tons of fun, but call me with questions. And I’d love to show you my “paper organizer” – let’s get on video chat and then you can get an idea of what I made to see if that’s what you want.

  • Colleen

    The nursing cover up will be great for your fun travel in Disney World. I have way too much to do but I have been making some cute purses any way and lots of ideas for more. I’m like your Dad, I have to get things ready for the tax man before I can have any more fun!! Kennedy is going to enjoy sewing just like her mom! How fun.
    Good luck next week and have extra fun with your Daddy!.

  • roberta

    I was just checking to see if my reply got posted, since it had issues last night, and I noticed Colleen’s. Is your Dad going to Disneyworld with you? Because I have gone to these places so much, stop in on mainstreet to the BabyCenter. It is a great place to nurse your baby and change them etc. It is very kids friendly for Kennedy too. Also don’t miss THE BEAR COUNTRY JAMBOREE. It is way fun and Kennedy will love it. They do not have it in Disneyland.
    Love ya, Mama INglet

  • Julie Arfmann

    You are such a fun Mom! And such a good wife, too… and a good sister-in-law! When are we going to see you guys? Are you going to come here this summer at all? Reading your blog made me excited for Brian, as scary as it is… those pictures of him in his AirForce gear were cool. Your nursing cover-up is so cool, maybe Kennedy could make me one by the time I have my next baby…haha. She is such a cutie! Love ya tons!

  • Angie

    Hey, I need one of those next time I have a kid!

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