Let’s make a deal!!

Kennedy has been such a busy body and mess maker lately. In an attempt to save my sanity, I struck a deal with her. It worked!!! She quickly cleaned her room, made her bed, and did ALL her chores. She even made my bed for me!
We were off to play at the park. We decided to drive to Eglin AFB and play at the great park there. Nathan had his first ride in a park swing and loved it. He was certainly most interested in why his sister was squealing so! They both had a great time. We came home and ate, then they were both tuckered out for a nap. What a plan!!

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  • Janet

    Well, at any rate, Nathan finds his sister amusing!! You must just not have much of a sense of humor, Mom! 🙂

  • Katyanne

    yeah I like it when you have a plan and it works great…but for some reason it doesn’t work the next time. You have to enjoy them when they come..well done!!!!

  • roberta

    How nice to have warm weather, and see grass. Don’t you miss Idaho? Oh well, we did go skiing tonight and it is practically in our backyards. Let’s see- Ocean or Snow, yeah I know what I would take too.

    Your children are dolls. I wish I could see them sometime. When does Bri leave? See ya Later.
    Love Mama Inglet

  • Burke family

    Good plan. She sure keeps you on your toes, huh? At least her silliness keeps baby brother entertained too. 🙂 Kisses for all of you!

  • Tara

    Smart thinking! Those are the best days when you can get them so tuckered out having fun and then have some alone time too when they nap.

  • Raelene

    Natalie… your family is adorable! Kennedy is a beautiful as ever and congrats on Nathan! How old is he now? I am glad you commented on my blog. We will have to keep in better touch. Have the time of you life in Orlando!

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