Our little Handsome

Nathan gets more fun each day. He is such a playful little guy. He LOVES his toys. He got some fun toys for Christmas and he is really starting to enjoy them. It is so fun to watch him play and interact with his sister also. He is quite the storyteller also. He will gurgle and babble on and on. We got him a dump truck that he has had fun exploring. He is so much like his sister (not just looks, but the things he does also) it makes Brian and I laugh! I fear for the day he says real words and they are competing to be heard, because they are both talkers!!

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  • Shanna

    Wish I could hear him babble! I can’t wait to meet him this summer.

  • Denney's

    Hey Natalie, I just wanted to say hi. It has been a while. I hope that everything is going good with you guys. It looks like you have some fun plans this summer. Your little guy is so cute. He totally looks like Kennedy. I can’t believe how big Kennedy is. She is such a cute little girl. I bet this time of year you love living in the sunny weather instead of the cold (and sickness) here. We are doing really good. I just started a blog (I know I am way behind everyone else) if you want to see it. It is njdenney.blogspot.com.

  • Tara

    Your years of quiet mealtimes are over, huh? Dallas has adopted the volume of shouting everytime he talks- I guess it’s the only way he thinks he can get a word in. We are super excited to see you soon!

  • Camile

    He IS a handsome little guy!

    I know what you mean about competing to be heard. Carly and Ellie seem to always want to talk at the same time. Ellie stutters a lot when Carly is around – for fear of being interrupted!

  • Janet

    So so cute! He is growing up so fast!! Our house is so quiet – with no one competing to be heard! Wish you couls send us some of the babble and we could send you some of the quiet!!!

  • Burke family

    He’s definitely got to get an early start if he’s ever gonna compete with that sister of his. 🙂 What a cutie!

  • Colleen

    Brian loved cars and dump trucks and dirt, dirt, dirt. Start thinking about jeans that have the double knees for boys. He could come up with more exciting adventures in the backyard than I could imagine. Put Kennedy and Nathan together and they will have some pretty exciting play house and Star War adventures.
    Have fun!!

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