My little Beauty

I just love to take pictures of my kids. They actually don’t seem to mind too much either. Sunday I gave Kennedy a special necklace that says “I am a child of God”. She loved it. She wanted me to take some pictures of her before church. She told me, “I want you to take pictures so I can cherish this day forever.” She just cracks me up sometimes. She loves to look through our photo albums, especially the photo album that I did of Brian and I. She pours over it while I am getting ready in the morning. The other day she couldn’t stop talking about the day she would be married to Max, but only after he goes on a mission. Boy are we in trouble if she is thinking about that already!!!

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  • The Schwecke Family

    I think you two are going to be in trouble with this adorable little girl! Good luck! Love the pictures-she even has posing down! Might want to think about locking her in the house already! She is a heartbreaker!

  • Katyanne

    yes our girls have defiantly got the posing down. its so funny…. My kaydence hasn’t said anything about liking boys or marrying them yet…

  • roberta

    I have decided that Bri needs to take your daughter to the White HOuse. I think she might be the one that settles out the United States. I think we have a real heart breaker on our hands. Be careful with that you, you will never win a teenage argument.
    Take care, Roberta Mama Inglet

  • Shanna

    She’s definitely a little beauty! She comes up with the cutest phrases. I’m sure she’ll “cherish this day forever”!

  • Colleen

    Kennedy, you are a “child of God”.
    You are beautiful on the outside but more importantaly you are learning every day how to be beautiful on the inside. What a loving daughter of God you are!

  • Camile

    No doubt about it – she is definitely a beauty! Carly was looking at the pictures with me and said “Wow! Those are pretty pictures”. (It’s so sad though, because she says that she doesn’t remember Kennedy.)

  • Tara

    You are all so photogenic! It’s funny how different girls are than boys even at this age- already thinking of marriage and family! Watch out!

  • Janet

    What a cute idea!! I think it is such a fun theme for Primary this year. You are a good little Mom – and I am completely unbiased , of course!!

  • Burke family

    She is so dang cute! And the things she says…. man, she is too funny.

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