We’re going to travel the WORLD!

The passports are done! YEAH!! Now, if all goes as planned, we will be enjoying Germany this summer! Then where should we go??? Paris??? Italy??? China and Hong Kong??? Hmmmm, the possibilities are endless!

These are the pictures that I took for our passports. I think they all turned out pretty cute. The kids are better than mine. That’s not a shocker though!

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  • Janet

    Wow!! I am impressed! Cute pictures! – of everybody!! I think Bri will vote for China and Hong Kong next. What do you think??

  • Burke family

    Why travel the world when you can just come to New York and get a taste of everything. How bout that, huh?! But definitely not for about six months or so ok! 🙂

  • Jeff and Lea

    WHAT??? You are going over seas? What for, just to have fun? So jealous. Cute passport pictures by the way.

  • Colleen

    What cute passport photos. My passport makes me look like a convict! So many fun places to visit in Europe. You will have fun with Brian in Germany.

  • Tara

    World travelers! Awesome! Your pictures look so professional, too!

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