Baby blue eyes

Our little Nathan has great big beautiful blue eyes. I took this picture of him and I love how blue his eyes look in contrast with his red big boy puffy vest. I went to a camp meeting for girls camp and a lady had a new little baby there. It hit me how much my little guy has grown up. He started off tiny ( I took him home at 6 lbs) and now 3 1/2 months later he is so big. Seriously, the second baby grows up WAY faster. That’s just not fair!

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  • Tara

    They sure do! I still can’t believe my “baby” is 3! Though he tells me all the time that he is a “big boy” now. Nathan is such a cutie! He’s kind of got that cute old grandpa look to him. Give him kisses for us!

  • Annette and Ted

    It isn’t fair. (Although I’m glad the first 2 months went fast.)I wish Zada could be my baby forever. At the same time I can’t wait to see her reach for something,crawl, etc. It’s great to watch them accomplish things.

  • roberta

    Oh, he is so cute. His eyes are blue. I don’t remember Brian’s being that blue. Where did he get those big blue eyes?
    He is definately a cutie. Mama Inglet

  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    You’re not kidding! Especially when your 2nd baby weighs about 30 pounds before she’s a year old!

  • Natalie

    His big blue eyes are just a combination of both families. Blue, blue, and more blue!!!!!

  • Burke family

    Oh man! He is too cute! I love his big boy outfit. The most unfair part of this whole thing is that I still haven’t met him yet, and who knows when I will… but thanks for reminding me how much he’s growing up without me! 🙂

  • Colleen

    I love that face! He looks more and more like Brian all the time. Brian has beautiful eyes too. His mom has sparkly eyes too. Give him a big hug from Grandma and Grandpa.
    Love Grandma

  • Kim

    I feel your pain about the 6 month deployment!!! Scott acutally leaves for his 6 months in May, it sounds like we are in the same boat! Are you going home while he is gone? I really do get sick of the sun but…. Hawaii is starting to grow on me! How do you like Florida? Is the base nice there? I love the Air Force base here its where i do all of my shopping because the Pearl Harbor Commisary is like the Wal-Mart in Poky ALWAYS packed!!!!! Nathan is gonna be a heartbreaker!!!!!

  • Janet

    He looks like such a big boy! With the two of you for parents – it would be very shocking if he didn’t have big, blue eyes!! Such a cute, sweet boy!

  • Rebecca

    he still looks tiny to me! so adorable

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