working on the passport

I was working on trying to take my own passport photos yesterday. Brian is deploying to Germany for 6 months. The kids and I would like to make a trip out there this summer to visit for a few weeks. That’s the beauty of a deployment to Germany vs. Iraq. 6 months will still seem like a very long time. Anyway, while I had my indoor studio all set up, Kennedy decided to break loose and do a few poses of her own. I think that the passport photos turned out nice, so hopefully they accept them and I won’t have to feel like I have been robbed! Passport photos seem like such a rip off! I swear I can take pictures as well as the guy at the post office or CVS. I guess it’s the accountants daughter coming out!
Just an update: Today I tried to pick up the photos from Walmart. As soon as I said I had pictures to pick up the man asks me, “Did you take your pictures by yourself??” I said yes, and asked him why. He proceeded to drill me just to make sure I didn’t change my mind while looking for my photos. Seriously folks, these passport photos are BIG stuff! Written on my envelope in red ink it said, “ASK CUSTOMER IF THEY TOOK THESE PHOTOS.” I thought I was going to be arrested for taking my own passport photos. I told the man at the counter, “I will take that as a compliment.” I continued to tell him that I consider photography a hobby and that I do have a really nice camera. I plunked down my 50 cents feeling really great!
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  • Katyanne

    thats the biggest pain in my rear end…if I send my family pictures I have taken for them to print I have to send them a letter saying I took them. but seriously I wouldn’t recommend going to walmart….they aren’t the best photo finishing center out there…I’d recommend costco if you have one 🙂

    I didn’t think walmart was so bad until I started working at Archer…walmart’s always have a blue tint to pictures printed at several places…

  • Trista & Larry

    Germany is beautiful. Where ar do you know. You’ll love it over there.

  • Tara

    You go girl! You will definetly deserve a trip to Germany after sacrificing your husband for so long! That will be so much fun!!

  • Colleen

    Nat, you are an amazing photograper. We love the posts.
    I get a painful twinge knowing that I can’t hug these cuties as much as I want but we are so thankful for the blogs and the web cam visits that keep us in touch.
    We love you all!

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