All done up!

Seriously, she didn’t learn her makeup application techniques from me. The funniest part was when she looked in the mirror and saw the globs. She exclaimed, “Split peas, I better blend that in better!” Our little princess is such a crack up. Everyday is an adventure for us!

****Just a side note. I didn’t pick out the outfit either. That was all part of her creativity!!!****
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  • Shanna

    Split peas, she’s cute! At least she learned that it’s best to use a mirror when applying makeup. She is definitely a crack-up!

  • Janet

    Too hilarious!! She is always good for a giggle!! I am going to be smiling about that for a long time!!

  • Julie Arfmann

    You have had some way fun posts. I loved all of your smileboxes! It looks like you guys had fun time! Your whole family is adorable! We love, and miss you guys!
    Love, Jules

  • Burke family

    Split peas! She looks good! That girl is always good for a laugh. Smooch those gooey cheeks for me.

  • Myers Family

    Kennedy is way too cute! That is adorable that she knows about makeup application! What a laugh!!

  • Colleen

    A girl has to practice sometime! Kennedy you are so darling. That creativity make you, YOU! We love it.
    Love Grandma Call

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