Nathan’s first tennis racket

It is a crazy and fun tradition in our family, for Grandma and Grandpa Call to give our kids their first tennis racket when they are infants. Daddy is just a bit of a tennis fanatic (in case you were wondering). And so the tradition continues……


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  • Shanna

    How cute! I’m sure he’ll be a great tennis player. I’m sad I wasn’t there for this one! I’m pretty sure I was there for Kennedy’s first racket. Fun times!

  • Janet

    We hope he likes his tennis racket as much as Kennedy likes hers! And hopefully doesn’t hit the car with his balls. I’m still laughing about that one! I’m not sure who is funnier Kennedy or Daddy!

  • Tara

    That’s so fun! They definetly have it in their genes to be tennis pros and then when you start ’em so young- watch out! What a cute family!

  • Burke family

    That’s awesome! I’m just wondering where his Nike tennis bib is… I haven’t seen that make an appearance yet? I guess maybe your little guy doesn’t have to wear bibs 24/7 like Jordan did, huh? 🙂

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