Nathan’s Blessing

Sunday we blessed our sweet little boy. Brian’s parents were able to make it out to Florida. Daddy gave a very nice blessing and it was a special day to remember. Nathan looked very handsome in his blessing outfit (If I do say so myself)! He is such a happy sweet boy and very quick to smile and giggle. He truly is a light in our lives!

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  • Janet

    Such cute pictures of such a cute family!!! I love both of the kids outfits! You can certainly tell they are brother and sister! So sweet! Wish we could have been there 🙁 Love you all!

  • Shanna

    What a cute little suit! He’s so handsome. You all look happy and healthy. Such a cute family!

  • Erika & Jason

    Super cute! You all look so beautiful and happy!

  • Camile

    He is a VERY handsome boy! Seriously, so cute! Did you make his blessing suit? I love that he and Kennedy kinda’ match.

  • Burke family

    What a cutie! He looked adorable! I sure wish I could have been there too!

  • Tara

    What a sweet handsome little guy! He’s grown so much! We wish we could have been there, too!

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