Nature Walk

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  • roberta

    Ok, this little girl is the cutest ever. I am pretty prejudice about my grandkids but this little one takes the cake. I bet she keeps you hopping. I am jealous of the weather. It looks like it is warm in January. I especially love Kennedy in her ballet outfit at the trail. Yes, a girl knows what she wants to wear.

    I am sure you are all having a great time. Ask Charlie where he got that cut magic hat and trick set. I would love to get one for my little Michael, he loves Magic.

    Your camera does great pictures, what kind is it. Have fun. Love, Mama Inglet in COLD IDAHO.

  • Janet

    Looks like a fun trail! Does it have number markers to follow like the one in Mary Esther? I am so jealous of Nat and her flip flops!!

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