Playing with my latest toys.

For Christmas Brian and Kennedy got me a tripod and Santa gave me a wireless remote for my camera. I set them up and took a few pictures trying to figure out how they worked. No I just have to figure out how to hold the remote discrete so it’s not obvious that I am clicking away!Of course my favorite things to take pictures of are my kids.

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  • Shanna

    Wow! So many fun posts! I love all the new pictures of your cute little fam. Nathan has such an adorable smile. Seeing him makes me want a baby too! Those are some fun Christmas gifts. Now you can take more pictures with you in them! Have fun enjoying the outdoors, while here in Utah we stay inside as much as possible. I’m jealous and wish I was there visiting you! Have a great week!

  • Janet

    That was a great present!! I love Nathan’s face in the picture of the 3 of you. It looks like he is thinking – “What the heck are we doing and WHY!!” Thanks for sll the fun posts! We love them!!!

  • Tara

    Dallas is blogging with me and he keeps asking “who’s that cute baby?” He’s right- Nathan is very cute! And Kennedy is as charming and beautiful as ever! Looks like you had a wonderful New Years and Christmas! We can’t wait to come see y’all!

  • erin

    Your kids are so cute!

    There are two settings on your remote: one will take pictures instantly, and the other will pause for one second before taking the picture (to give you time to hide the remote in your hand).
    Technology rocks.

  • Burke family

    That is so fun! It sure makes it easier to take good pictures when you have the two cutest models ever, huh? I love Kennedy’s little apple outfit – man, is she cute or what? Give both of them kisses from Aunt Katie.

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