New Years!

A friend of mine put it well when she said, “Why am I trying to stay up until midnight to watch some ball drop just to realize afterwards it really wasn’t worth it? You can bet money my kids will be up at 6:30-7am, like always. I mean I already know what the ball is going to do. It’s not like it changes every year and I have to see what’s going to happen. It’s the same every year, except the changing number below. The funny this is is that I already know what the number is going to be. No big surprise there. I know there will be hugging/kissing. Oh yeah, and I already know the song they’re going to play afterwards. I pretty much know everything that is going to happen! Why can’t I convince myself that I really don’t need to stay up for this?”
All this being said, we had a great night. We ventured out to Harborwalk Village to watch the fireworks show there at 8:00 over the water (there was another one at midnight). We should have called it a night then, but Kennedy was convinced that she was a big girl. We decided to have a movie sleepover party. We laughed because she lasted until 11:23! Brian and I rang in the new year with some sparkling cider and a smooch or two. New York’s Times Square has a crystal ball, but we watched a Pelican Drop.
This was the pelican’s debut. The 1,000 pound Pelican is 13-feet-tall and 17-feet wide and was covered with 10,000 lights. We enjoyed it, but snickered to ourselves a little. Florida ceases to surprise us! What will they come up with next. When all was said and done I started off 2009 wondering why in the world I stayed up so late.

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  • Janet

    That is so, so true – and you guys are still young! It gets truer with each passing year! We watched that silly ball drop at our party and then blew our silly horns! Woo Hoo!!! I love the Pelican – so Florida!!!

  • Janet

    Was that your new camera tripod in action ? CUTE PICTURE!!!

  • Camile

    11:23 huh?! That’s pretty good – we didn’t even give Carly and Ellie the chance to stay up that late. We had a countdown and celebration at 8pm! ha ha!! Aarong and I did stay up until midnight though.

    I noticed in the last Christmas picture that you got the book “Christmas Cookies”. I saw it for the first time at Barnes and Noble just a couple days ago and LOVED it! I’m definitely planning on getting it for the girls.

  • Burke family

    A sleepover, huh? – You are brave! I tell me about the staying up late thing – I was really regretting it at 4:30 in the morning when Jordan woke up sick and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Gotta love being a mommy, huH?!

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