Christmas Eve

A Warm Florida Christmas!

Christmas Eve was very nice this year. Daddy has had the week off work, so we have enjoyed having him home to play with us. Kennedy and I baked Christmas cookies and she played tennis with Daddy. Aunt Chie came over and we visited for awhile then she was off to her Christmas Eve plans. We had the kids open up their Christmas pajamas and then we loaded them into the car to go look at lights. We saw some fun houses, but nothing like the lights that I remember from growing up in Pocatello, Idaho. We have really enjoyed our sweet manger scene this year. When we got home dinner was ready and we watched the animated Christmas story and ate our Christmas cookies. Kennedy wrote Santa a thank you note and placed it next to her plate of cookies and milk. Mommy forgot to make sure we had carrots for the reighndeer, but thankfullly I had some celery in the fridge. PHEW! It was a fun night and we tuckered the little ones out. They both went down without a fight!

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  • milt

    Merry Christmas
    Milt and Family

  • Janet

    Their Christmas Pajamas are so cute!!! Candy cane cookies – yum!! We missed you all! The nativity is so cute!!! So fun!

  • Burke family

    Oh man! Looks like so much fun. I can just imagine how excited Kennedy was about everything. I’m glad you had a fun Christmas. I sure miss you all.

  • Kim

    I love you blog and I can’t believe how big Kennedy is and Nathan is so adorable!!! Christmas is so much fun with little kids! Branson was so excited for Christmas and kept thinkin that it was gonna snow on Christmas day! I had to break it to him that it doesn’t snow in Hawaii!!

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