Christmas 2008

Kennedy loved her new Christmas dress from Grandma and Grandpapa Hatt. She looked like quite the little princess.

Two of our most precious Christmas blessings!
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  • roberta

    Like I said before, these kids are so cute. I love your ballerina. Do they have a school of dance on the base? That is nice that she can take ballet. Tell Brian a MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us here in SNOWY Idaho. We were suppose to go to Boise today to see Matt, but the road was closed from Pocatello to Burley, and when it opened it was labeled as Dangerous. Clark called and the state patrol said that they were having slide offs all over. So, if your sister went to Pocatello, tell her to check the state report. YUCK. Sounds like a trip to the beach is what you guys get to do, and make snowman out of SAND. Fun. Merry Christmas- Mama Inglet in IDaho

  • Janet

    Two of our most precious Christmas blessings too! Kennedy looks like a little Christmas doll in her dress! 🙂

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