Our Precious Kennedy

Kennedy has been very busy doing what she does best- crafts and dancing. She is our little graceful ballerina. She dances around the house all day! We got a gingerbread tree kit from Brian’s work party and Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed decorating it. I was very impressed with the precise placement of each candy. Kennedy was very cute this year as we set our tree up and put the ornaments on it. She was very interested in all the stories behind the precious moments ornaments that I collect. We hung Nathan’s first Christmas ornament on the tree and she was very excited to see the ornament that Mommy hung on the tree for her first Christmas too. I can tell that this will be the best Christmas yet with Kennedy!

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  • Janet

    The tree is so cute – what a great job she did! She is a busy little girl!! 🙂 I think it is so cute that she is so interested in the ornaments – but they are so cute!!

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