Christmas is Love…Christmas is Joy… Christmas is Peace… Christmas is CHRIST!

I love Christmas time and our family has been busy making traditions of our own the last few years. We really look forward to this time of year. Friday night was Brian’s work party. It was especially nice because my friend Erin was there also for a bit. We had dinner and a gift exchange. When all was said and done we walked away with a gingerbread tree kit and our pie we brought. People thought it was pretty funny that we took our own pie home, but Kennedy cried when I told her that I didn’t make it for us. Brian loves the pie and would have made me make other if someone else took it. So everyone was happy! Saturday night we went to the cities tree lighting event. We love to go and listen to the beautiful Christmas songs that are performed live. Kennedy and Nathan got to visit with Santa and have their picture taken. We sang songs and took in the Christmas spirit in a beautiful setting. Last night was the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional. Our family invited another family that we met at dance to come with us. I was a bit nervous to ask, but when they accepted I was thrilled. This is the cutest family. They have twin girls that Kennedy just adores. We had a wonderful time. I always love the spirit that the devotional brings to this time of year. It always helps to keep the proper focus on the Savior. I look forward to building a great friendship with them. In fact, we are planning to meet up with them tonight at the Christmas parade.

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  • Burke family

    So fun! Sounds like we’re doing some of the same kinds of things. I’m glad you guys are out enjoying life back to normal. Wish we could play together. We love and miss you all!

  • Janet

    Looks like lots of fun! The water almost looks like snow. Baby Nate is getting so big! Christmas will be so fun with those two little ones this year! Have fun at the parade – wish we were going too! Hug and kisses for all!!

  • Julie Arfmann

    For the first time, it looks like it is chilly in Florida! As always, everyone is soooo cute! We hope you guys have a great weekend!
    Love, Jules and Ry

  • Natalie

    I think it was 50’s or 60’s that evening. I bundled little Nathan up really well. I didn’t want to risk him getting sick! Brian and I laugh that we have turned into wimps living here. We would NEVER survive Idaho’s winters again! This week it’s supposed to be 60-70’s. We will probably still wear sweaters! BRRRRR.
    Honestly though, I don’t miss the Idaho winters one bit!

  • Colleen

    It was cute to see 2 little angels in Santa’s arms. I still have the photo of Kennedy screaming in fright of Santa. Kennedy is so grown up now. We can’t wait to hear what Santa brought her for being so GOOD! Nathan is going to have a fun Florida Christmas. We can’t hardly wait to start spoiling him with hugs and kisses!

  • Tara

    How fun! We love this time of year, too! Each year it keeps getting better as the kids get older. Kennedy and Nathan sure are cuties!! Give them kisses and hugs for us!

  • Julie Arfmann

    HI guys! Hope you are having fun! Love, Jules

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