Catching up

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  • Janet

    So so cute!!! What little dolls!! ? Grandma would love to smooch those chubby cheeks!!! Thanks for the fashion show too! You always keep them both looking so adorable!

  • Colleen

    Nathan you are so handsome. Does his hair look sort of Ginger brownish red? The Higham twins have hair like that. It is so striking. Janice’s daughter has the same color hair. I can’t get over how he looks so bright eyed. He’s looking as his mommy behind the camera, that he loves sooo much. We do too. Thanks for the photos, they are perfect!
    Love Grandma

  • bc call

    Nathan has light brown hair, but it has some serious red highlights like Kennedy and my hair is. It looks a lot more red in the pictures because of the nice flash on my new camera. It’s not the same color as the Higham’s or Anthony’s. It’s not really a surprise since both families have a lot of red hair as the lines go back. It’s actually a lot like Kennedy’s just much lighter brown.

  • Dallings

    I am so sorry to hear about your medical incident. That same week We were in the hospital with Val Dean. His neck collapsed after Val went off a curb in the stroller. We had the same problems at the ER. They sent him home saying he just had a neck strain. I took him to Primary Childrens the next morning and they said his C-1 Was broke in two and his c-2 had collapsed. I hate ER doctors! They wanted to fuse his neck that weekend but after further xrays they decided he didn’t have enough bone for the surgery to be sucessful and we would have to wait 4 months to a year. Poor little guy has to stay in a neck brace. It’s miserable. Anyway, I hate these medical incidents, I swear kids can give us heart attacks at our young age.

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