“Brothers and Sisters Share A Unique Blend Of Love, Comradery, and Friendship”- Unknown

I might add… most of the time! As kids siblings may seem like arch enemies at times, but as you grow older the ties that bind become as strong as the love between you. They might really annoy you, but there is an undeniable love for each other. I have some very fond memories of my brothers and sister as I’m sure many of you do. Kennedy is already experiencing the joy of the love hate relationship with siblings. Most of the time she is smothering him with hugs and kisses. Often at times that gets her in trouble with mom and dad. She especially likes to do this when she is bored. However, last night I was trying to make dinner and Nathan was being fussy and just wanted to be held. I couldn’t hold him and make dinner, so I propped him up in his boppy. He was bawling and throwing a BIG fit! I went to grab something from the pantry quick and returned to find Kennedy jamming the binki in Nathan’s mouth and plugging his nose. How sweet! I remember my Mom telling the story of how my oldest brother Jason sat on my other brother Jeremey’s face. Which is worse?? You be the judge. I explained to Kennedy that she couldn’t do that or Nathan couldn’t breathe and she burst into tears. Oh the drama. We are having fun times here!

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  • Janet

    Okay – so that is a little scary! Where did she learn that mothering technique from? But the pictures are adorable! She really is so, so sweet with him most of the time!! Kisses from Grandma for both of them.

  • Shanna

    Sounds like you’ve gotta keep an eye on that girl! Hopefully she’ll learn from that experience that baby Nathan needs to breathe just like she does. The new pictures of Nathan are sure cute. He is getting cute little cheeks! And tell Kennedy she looks like a very graceful dancer, for me. We’re hoping to be able to use mom and dad’s webcam to see all of you when we are in Idaho next week. Talk to you later!

  • Annette and Ted

    I thought you were going to say that Kennedy helped by holding Nathan! I have to keep an eye on Troy with Zada too!

  • Camile

    Oh dear! She just didn’t know what to do to help the situation. I remember Carly getting pretty upset when Ellie was still a little baby and would just be screaming – Carly didn’t know what to do and it would stress her out I think, so she would just start crying too. But, you can just imagine how frightening and disturbing it is for them to hear a little baby cry – I mean, it’s hard enough for us adults!

    One of my friends (when she was about 4) wrapped her baby sister in tin foil and tried to put her in the oven…I don’t know if that should make you feel better or more nervous! ha ha!! Anyway, Kennedy is a little sweety, I’m sure you guys will be just fine!

  • roberta

    ok, that is scary, but this is how she learns too. Where is poor Brian when you need to make dinner, I remember those days. I use to just want to sit down and cry sometimes.

    The children are adorable. I know that you are really enjoying them, but you miss your Mom. Your mom was lucky to come for so long, and I bet she wants to get back to you fast.

    Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • Burke family

    Yep, pretty sure you didn’t always love your little sister either. 🙂 But that just shows there’s hope right!? Love ya! Keep smiling!

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