Happenings of the last week…I think. It’s all been a blur!

Grandma had to leave us and get back to Grandpapa. We are so sad, but feel so lucky that she could come and help out for SO long. It’s truly been a blessing to me ( well, everyone, but especially me!). Things are definitely a little crazier for me now! Thanks for all the help cooking, cleaning, shopping, and entertaining Kennedy. I could keep the list going on and on and on! However, before she left we decided she couldn’t come to Florida and NOT go to the beach. That would be unheard of! The last night she was here we went on an evening walk and watched the beautiful sunset over the ocean. This was also a very important trip because it was Nathan’s first trip to the beach. He thoroughly enjoyed it all snugged up and strapped to Daddy’s chest. He will have many more trips to the beach to look forward to. In fact, we were reminiscing that we have lived in Florida for a year now. It was so fun remembering our Thanksgiving we spent on base in temporary housing. It was too fun and we even had a big turtle show up on our door step. We ate dinner and went to the beach. We decided that it needs to be a tradition for our family. Sounds good to me!

Kennedy has turned into quite the graceful ballerina. She LOVES her dance class and looks forward to it each week. We were so lucky this last week while Grandma was still here to be able to observe one of her dance classes. It was so fun to watch what she’s been doing and learning. I decided to take our old point and shoot camera because I thought it might be more descret than my nice SLR. However, I took 3 pictures and the battery was sucked dry. Not to mention how grainy the images were. I certainly have been spoiled since I got the new camera! I thought I had a few cute ones that grandma has been asking to see. Thankfully Daddy had the video camera and taped the whole class. The kids were all so cute and Kennedy was terrific!
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  • Colleen

    We love the beach. I got Dad a new alarm clock that has nature sounds. I always want to listen to the waves as we get ready to go to sleep! Thanks Grandma Hatt for helping this sweet family welcome our precious grandson. Aren’t we lucky to have such cute kids that have such cute kids! Ballerina girl, you are lovely. Grandpa Scott was famous for being the best dancer in the valley and of course Grandma Scott had the best legs. It seems Kennedy got the love of dance and the legs! Julie’s girls and Kennedy would have a blast dancing. We have the big dancing mirror in the girls bedroom and plenty of dance costumes! I can’t wait till the next reunion!
    Love, Mom

  • Janet

    That was so fun for Grandma to watch!! She really is good!! (And that is not just Grandma saying that! She listens and watches so closely and is very graceful and coordinated!! Of course – it is absolutely necessary to have a beautiful dance outfit on!! 🙂

  • Janet

    Oh thanks for posting that great picture of Grandma!! I told you to just stop taking pictures with me in them!! You are supposed to listen and obey your mother!! But the picture of the sunset is almost as spectacular as it was in person!! What a fun night that was. Thanks for indulging my beach addiction!!! 🙂 Jealous!!

  • Janet

    Bri thanks for being not just my son-in-law but a really good friend also!! Now do you owe me Ruby Tuesday ribs?! Tee hee!! Seriously though – thanks for all the fun times – yep and even the teasing!! I’m not sure who came out on top this round – you were in kind of a weakened condition!!

  • Burke family

    Mom, I have to agree that was my first thought – how in the world do you always take such good pictures… I think I still have the best of all… our mug shut – but I’ll save that one for now – maybe someday I can use it as blackmail on my blog. Anyways, sounds like you all had fun together as always and Kennedy is the cutest little ballerina ever. Love you all!

  • Natalie

    I had to have proof that you were there with us. Trust me I put the best on up. If you recall, I warned you “if that’s the face you want to have okay!”. Katie is right though, it could be much worse you know!!!!! Do you remember the slide picture in Jackson?????? Hmmmmm.

  • Janet

    okay – you guys are really scaring me – maybe that is just what I look like!! Yikes!!! I was a good sport about the you know what pictures Katie – so it would be so not fare to use them as blackmail!! Everyone who needs to see them has!! A

  • roberta

    ok, I am truly enjoying this. I certainly think it is more fun to listen to other mother and daughter funny times, hahaha?

    Just a warning girls from another mother, trust me your shots of her are not half as good as the ones that she has in hidden places of you in younger years. I know all mothers have these and boy they can be scary.

    Take care, I think I would like to get to know all of you much better. Such a fun family for our adorable Brian and kids to have.
    Love ya, Mama Inglet in Idaho

  • Natalie

    Yes Roberta, you are right and they usually involve little bums, braces, or martian glasses! I will start behaving now!

  • Tara

    I think you are all cute! Natalie, You look so good!! What a wonderful time right now. I love the time after you have a baby. It’s a hard time but so wonderful as you get to know your new little one. You are an amazing mother!

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