Princess Party

Saturday was the big day!!!! We finally had Kennedy’s princess party. I decided that I should take full advantage of Grandma as help at the party while she was here. We had a great time decorating and I had fun planning the theme around storybook fairytales. Kennedy had 4 little girls that were able to attend. She was a little sad that a couple people couldn’t make it this time since we had to change the date because baby Nathan was born. When all the little princesses arrived at the party they were given a jewel necklace and a sparkly tiara. Then they all went into the family room and sat down on puffy pillows for the story of The Princess and the Pea. After the story we took turns hiding a tennis ball (aka a pea) under one pillow and having them test out all the pillows to see if they were a true princess and could feel how lumpy and bumpy it made the pillow feel. This was a good starting game and I think that the girls had fun with it. Next they played kiss the frog from the story The Frog Prince. I drew a darling frog (if I say so myself!) and the girls tried to tape their pink kisses on the frog. They were too cute. Some of them even tried to peek! Then the girls decorated magic princess mirrors with fancy jewels and we opened presents. Then we had a princess pinata and ate the barbie princess cake. I had such a fun time decorating her cake this year. It takes a bit of time, but it’s something that I really enjoy. Besides, Kennedy told me that it was absolutely beautiful and that I did it just like she wanted it! That made it totally worth it!! After cake and sherbet the girls decorated a cookie wand to take home. Kennedy loved the party and enjoyed having a day to feel so special!!! She truly is our little princess. Our family would NOT be the same without her to liven things up and keep us laughing. She is such a joy to us…well, most of the time!;)

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  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    What an absolutely darling party! I love your relationship with Kennedy. I hope I can have that good of a relationship with my girls!

  • Burke family

    I’ve been anxiously checking to see the update from the Princess Party. SO fun! I wish I was there to party too. I’ve been dying to hear all about it, but I decided I better let up on the daily check-ins so you can make full use of your last few days with grandma! 🙂 Love you all!

  • roberta

    Ok Natalie, is there anything you can’t do? Wow, the cake is spectacular, and where did you come up with all those crafty ideas? Did you say you just had a baby? Wow, you must have some energy pill. Does he sleep through the night? I am noticing that he might look alot like Kennedy in a boyish way, is this true?

    Well, you are quite the girl. You sew, decorate cakes, and give fun parties. You and Amanda are quite the talented people. Love, Mama Inglet

  • Tara

    That looks like a dream princess party! And Kennedy is the perfect little princess! Your cake is too beautiful to eat! I love the frog and kisses game, too! What a great Mom!

  • Colleen

    Kennedy, We are so happy you had such a fun party. We are glad your friends could finally celebrate it with you. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. We felt like we were there. You are a beautiful princess. What a fabulous cake! Great job mom! Great job dad for baby sitting Nathan. You look handsome together! Natalie you look like you were never pregnant. You look fabulous, too.
    Love GG Call

  • Angie

    Wow, if I ever have a girl I’m copying:)

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