Family Fun Night

Kennedy has been wanting to ride the carousel at the mall for a year now! I know that makes us sound like terrible parents, but we’re too cheap! Finally we decided that we would make a special night of it and go eat at the Ruby Tuesday in the mall and she could ride the carousal until her heart was content. I must clarify that family night the carousel is FREE! Yes, we are still cheap! She had a blast and so did we! We will definitely have to do it again! Baby Nathan hung out in what we call his blanket tent. I am still so nervous about taking him out too much. There’s just so much sickness that goes around this time of year. It’s the newborn ICU nurse in me comes out! I’m so careful their first winter. He didn’t seem to mind the time to rest.

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  • Camile

    Hey, don’t worry, we’re totally cheap too! It looks like everyone had fun (I think sleeping in a cozy car seat sounds fun – don’t you?)

  • Burke family

    Yeah, you left out the part of the rest of the night. I guess we’ll just leave it with a sweet picture of Nathan sleeping, huh? 🙂 hee hee

  • Colleen

    I’m glad you had time to squeeze in time for a fun FHE. Kennedy looks like she is in heaven. Too bad Grandpa Great doen’t still have his horses! They were great fun. Love GGCall

  • Janet

    When can we do it again, huh, huh?!!

  • Angie

    That’s fun you made a night of it. A lot of my child hood memories are just simple things like that. Nathan is soo cute. Sometimes as a nurse you know too much:)

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