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  • Burke family

    What a silly girl! I love how she is such a little social butterfly and talks about all of her friends and parties. Too cute!

  • Eaton Five

    Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you had a great halloween. Little Red Riding Hood is darling and I have to say, I love the ghost costume! SO fun!

  • Tara

    How fun! You have been paryting way too much! 🙂 I’m sure October will always be a busy month for your family! Nathan already looks a little older and seems to have inherited the Hatt family cute genes.

  • Colleen

    What a busy Red Riding Hood! We love to see the crafts and all the fun activities. Happy Halloween to 2 of the cutest pumpkins ever!
    Love, G.Call

  • Julie Arfmann

    Ya know what sounds really good right now…? Oreo cake! We definitely need to get together and party sometime soon! You look great and the kids are adorable and as for my brother… he’s cute too!
    Love, Jules

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