Primary Program

Sunday was the Primary program in Sacrament. Kennedy wore a new dress and felt pretty spiffy. She was very excited to say her part, but especially excited to sing the songs. She was a very reverent girl up on the stand. She did a great job and even sang a solo! When the pianist played the introduction to one of the songs, she busted out the words all by herself. TOO CUTE! She’s our precious and we were all very happy for her and proud of the great job she did. Boy is she ever growing up!!

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  • Burke family

    What a little poser?! Seriously, too cute, but her diva poses are just cracking me up. I love how she’s so proud of her solo and told me about it right away and then laughed about it. She’s a character!

  • callingallinglets

    ok, she is a cutie. How do you get her to pose so darn cute. She looks like she could be a live wire. I would love to see you guys. When are you planning on coming to IDaho again. Tell Brian hello, and he has some amazing women in his life. The baby boy isn’t bad either. Love ya. Mama Inglet

  • Colleen

    What a cute sunbeamer! I can just imagine how darling you were at the program Kennedy. Grandma got to help all the sunbeam kids in her ward. All the sunbeamers and sunbeamer teachers sang “I Am A Child of God”. They said it was the highlight. It sure would have been nice to have Kennedy singing with her beautiful voice that day. What a special girl. Sure do love you Kennedy.
    Love Grandma

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