Halloween fun!

For family home evening last week we had a Halloween lesson on obeying our mother and father with a cute little ghost flannel board story. Then we made homemade donuts. We also decorated our pumpkins. Kennedy saw the idea in Family Fun magazine and wanted to do them all! I think that they turned out pretty cute.Kennedy has been having fun and very busy going to all her Halloween parties. Grandma has been a good sport about taking her here and there. Kennedy wanted to be little red riding hood. I made the costume and I think that she is the cutest little red riding hood EVER! I plan to have her wear the dress to church after Halloween. (without the red hood of course!)
Kennedy is also very thrilled about her new rain boots that she got to go with her rain coat. She has been wanting some pretty badly. We finally found these and between her and Grandmas persuasion they convinced me that they were a necessity. The minute we walked out of the store it started to rain and rained for 2 days. They both thought that was pretty funny!

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  • ~SHERI

    You are amazing…you inspire me to do so many things! Better FHE, sewing, etc. etc. And all with a newborn. Are you going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween?

  • Julie Arfmann

    First things first… Natalie you rock! Everything you do is so cute and fun! Kennedy is the cutest little Red Riding Hood ever! Baby Nathan… he just gets to me every time that I look at him, give him a big hug from all of us. Hope you guys have a Happy Halloween and another fun birthday coming up!
    Love, Jules
    P.S. We have the exact same rain jacket! Way cute!

  • roberta

    Wow, you are amazing. Did you just whip up that dress after the baby? It is darling dress. Is that a new costume pattern?
    The baby is darling. Poor Bri, his first little son, and he is in quarantine. This reminds me of a Halloween a few thousand years ago. Brian got really sick and couldn’t trick or treat, so Matt got a little pumpkin, and got treats for Brian when he got his treats. Then we went over to his house and gave it to him, so he could have Halloween treats. My son loved his best friend and didn’t want him to get left out. Such a fun Halloween memory. Wish you guys could get together sometime.
    Your baby is a doll. Love ya, Mama Inglet

  • Burke family

    Looks like you’ve been having way too much fun without me. Kennedy looks too cute in her costume, and man is she stylin those rainboots. Has she been watching Americas Next Top Model or what?! 🙂

  • Shanna

    I agree with Katie! Kennedy looks like a model in those rain boots. I love the pumpkins that you all decorated. That looks like more fun than carving. And those donuts look amazing…I could go for one right now! Kennedy obviously liked them:).

  • Angie

    You need to submit those cute pictures to the magazine!!!

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