Our Daily Photo shoots!

Thought I would post a few (actually- a lot) pictures of our daily photo shoots. Nathan is doing well and we are loving every minute with him. Kennedy is doing well with him for the most part, except that she wants to get up with me for the 5 am feeding and stay up! I really don’t have a lot more to add, but I know that our family is always anxious for more pictures!!!

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  • Shanna

    So many cute little outfits. I love it! What a handsome little guy.

  • Tara

    He is so sweet!! We love to see all the pictures and cute outfits, too 🙂 Kennedy is such a good big sister! Give them our hugs and kisses!

  • Burke family

    Oh, I love them! He looks too cute! I was trying to decide what my favorite outfit was and I just can’t. I’ve been wondering how Kennedy was really doing. Glad to hear she’s still loving it!

  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    Did you seriously dress him up in 5different outfits in one day?! I hope it was for fun, and not because he really needed 5 different outfits! He’s a real sweet looking baby! Congratulations!

  • deannegalloway

    congratulations! He’s a cutie and you look great! Looks like Kennedy is a great helper, too bad she just couln’t get up for the 5am by herself…that would really be a great help! take care

  • Natalie

    No, I didn’t dress him in 5 outfits in one day. These are the pictures of our little Nathan over the last week. We think he is way too adorable and I am having fun with my new camera. He only blew out a few pj’s and one outfit. Not too bad I would say!!

  • Julie Arfmann

    How exciting! I hope you are healing up well, Nat. What a cute little boy. Give everybody hugs form the Arfmann clan.
    love, jules

  • roberta

    Wow, Natalie and Brian, you have two adorable kids. He is so cute, and I think I would enjoy dressing him up in 5 outfits maybe in one day, hahaha. I remember after 4 girls, I use to love to dress Matt up in real BOY clothes.
    Kennedy does look like she is enjoying her brother. I am not sure how I would feel about it at 5 am though.

    I hope your mom and you are having a great time. It is always fun to visit the grandkids.

    Congratulations, and thanks for the pictures. Love ya, Mamma Inglet in Idaho

  • The Schwecke Family

    Congratulations! So our little boys are just a little over a month apart! Fun! Thank you for your blog address. I think this will be a ton of fun keeping track of everyone like this. I love your blog! I need to figure out how you got it so cute! I am very new at this whole thing! Take care and he is beautiful, Jovane’

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    He is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And look at Kennedy, she looks like a pro holding him already. Wow, poor kid is going to have 2 moms, I can see it now! Congrats again, I hope you guys are doing great! Lots of love from over here in Oregon!

  • Shanna

    Hey Nat, do you mind if I post a couple of your pictures of Nathan on my blog? I want to blog about this new addition to the family.

  • Nellie Jane

    I love the daily shoots! Your kids are so beautiful! And I’m glad to see that everything went well with the delivery–kinda scary story though! Congrats from Mike and I! We miss FL and those hurricane pictures look crazy! I’m glad that you guys are safe…our house made it safely too, thank goodness. Take care! Hugs from Guam!

  • Amanda Jean

    You have adorable children. Congrats on the new addition. By the way…you are not supposed to look that fabulous after you have a baby!!-Amanda

  • Erich and Kara

    Oh Natalie he is so handsome and sweet! I am glad everything turned out ok despite the little scare there with the fluids. Hopefully Kennedy will start letting you sleep more, I can’t even fathom staying up at 5:00 a.m.! Keep the pics coming and congrats.

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