Happy Birthday Princess!!

Home from the hospital

I still can not believe that our Kennedy turned 4 today! It just seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Little ones grow up SO fast. I feel so blessed to be her Mommy. She has brought light and joy to Brian and I every single day. We had pink pancakes this morning and opened up presents. She is very excited about her princess party on Saturday with her friends from Sunbeams. I will post more pictures later.

4 years old!
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  • Burke family

    I can’t believe it either! i was thinking about that yesterday… how can she really be four. I remember all the details from when she was born and it doesn’t seem that long ago. And then I remember her first birhtday – she was such a tiny little thing picking the flowers off one by one on her cake. And then her second birthday – the birthday cake drama. She sang “Happy Birthday Kennedy” on the phone to me and it was the cutest thing ever! And I got to come visit a little after that for your birthday surprise. Then last years birthday – which I don’t remember much of cuz I didn’t have much to do with it – but man, how the time flies. Is she really that old? Oh, I love that little girl so much! ANd her mommy too!

  • Carman & Courtney

    cute!! Happy Birthday Kennedy!

  • roberta

    Happy Birthday Kennedy,
    I don’t know you at all, but I remember when your Daddy turned 4. Yes, I was at his party with my son Matt. It doesn’t seem possible that your Dad is now a Dad of a 4 year old.

    Your Mommy is pretty special. How does she come up with things, like PINK PANCAKES and that sweet princess hat. Did she make that for you?

    I hope you have a happy birthday, and maybe sometime we could meet you. You are very cute and you will be a great big sister.
    Love, Roberta Inglet in Idaho
    P.S. Your Grandma Call and I are friends. Even though we don’t see each other all the time, I still know she is a true friend.

  • The Hermansens

    Hey guys, I was over at Brian’s parent’s housethis morning,helping with playgroup and heard you were getting induced. Good luck, I hope the labor and delivery go smoothly and that your baby boy is strong and healthy. I’ll be thinking of you.

  • roberta

    Hi Natalie,
    I am up at a cabin with Matt and Amanda and her family. We just read that you getting induced. When is this happening. Are you ok? Please just comment to this and then we can pray for you on the big day.
    Love ya, Roberta and family MATT too.

  • Tara

    Have Birthday, Kennedy!! We miss we could be there to celebrate with you! Ethan thanks you for the wonderful picture you drew him for his birthday! You sure are a sweetie! Love, Uncle Jer, Aunt Tara, Ethan and Dallas (your cute boys)

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