Wow! Another week has gone by!!!

Here’s just a warning…this post has tons of pictures, but I know that Grandparents will love it!

These last few weeks have been just one big party!! It’s fun, but very busy. I went to a friends party and Daddy and Kennedy went on a date. She loves those times so much. The city hosted a day for kids with games, food, crafts, blow up toys…every kids dream. To make it even better, it was FREE! So they went and had a great time. Kennedy is becoming quite the little athlete. Nike had set up an obstacle course and timed the kids as they ran the course holding a football. She won a water bottle and was thrilled. Then she kicked a goal from a certain distance to win a soccer ball. I guess all the running with Dad and playing soccer in the yard is paying off for her. She felt pretty special.

We went for a fun little bike ride around our neighborhood and I took a bunch of pictures. My subjects were just too cute. Plus I have been having a great time playing with my new camera. LOVE IT!!!

Just a few pictures from a fun Halloween package that Grandma and Grandpapa sent. Mail for Kennedy always makes her day!

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  • Janet

    Such cute pictures and you’re right – the grandparents love it!!! Is the water still high by the rocks at the end of the street or has it gone back down? Are the hermit crabs back in their funny shells? Guess it won’t be long before I can check it all out for myself! Yikes – the time has flown by!! Baby Call will soon be here!

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