37 weeks

I can hardly believe that we are at 37 weeks. This pregnancy has gone by SO fast compared with the first. I am feeling much better again. Our little guy seems to be running out of room and his feet, knees, and elbows just get bonier. I have been busy washing and cleaning things up to get ready for him. We are all very excited to meet him. It is definitely time for the Call house to have a new little baby join us again! I think Kennedy thinks it will never happen. Every time I go to the doctor she is a little disappointed to find out that I haven’t brought the baby home. I was explaining to her just today that mommy would have to sleep over at the hospital before the baby could come home. She seemed to understand a little better. Then we were running errands and she told a random lady at the store that mommy has been to the doctor to make sure her baby brother is okay and that the doctor had to check out Mommy’s bum. Nice. I explained to her that people don’t need to know all that!!! I haven’t taken her with me to the doctor either. I have always dropped her by my aunt’s or a good friend’s house. It’s not like she has seen them exam me. The things a 3 year old says!

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  • Angie

    Great, that’s funny!!! I’m so excited for you and you still look awesome!!! I hope you are getting a lot of help when he comes!!!

  • Burke family

    Wow – so that’s what they do at the doctor, huh? Love it!

  • erin

    Checking out your bum, that is funny. Does Kennedy have an opinion on how this baby is going to magically appear?

  • Janet

    I hope you and Bri have this all explained to her so Grandma doesn’t get stuck with job when she comes!!!! She is one interesting child!! Yea!! You actually look like there just might be a baby in there!! 🙂 Phew!!!

  • Camile

    Okay, that is too funny!! What did the lady say? I’m so excited for you to have your baby. I still have 4 months to go and I’m so excited to have another newborn. Sometimes I can hardly wait, and other times I think we need even more time. I bet you guys are sooooo ready! Good luck.

  • Julie Arfmann

    We are so excited for you guys! Good luck over the next couple of weeks! Make sure that everyone gets an air hug from the Arfmanns!
    love, Jules

  • Tara

    How funny! She and Ethan are way too much alike!! Kennedy sure is going to be a great helper! We are excited for you, too!

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