Just a few things from our week.

I have been working on a rag quilt for our little guy and it’s done. I love the fabric and I think that it all came together really well. It was tons of fun to make. I had wanted to make a rag quilt for Kennedy before she was born, but I just never got a chance too. Now I REALLY wish I had.

Kennedy is my little girlie girl and I love it! She loves clothes, hair, and shoes. She has recently become very interested in curly hair. We saw some sponge rollers and she wanted to try them, so I put them in Saturday night so she would be “beautiful for church” as she put it. Her hair was very curly to start with, but as the curls relaxed I liked it even better. It reminded me of my hair in high school for any of you that knew me back then. She has wanted to wear her hair like this everyday since.

Kennedy wanted me to post a picture of her with her rocket that she made and her cool new rocket cup that she got at story hour this week. She loved it. She has been surprising me by busting out her spelling skills. She will hear a word and then just start to spell it for me. I was impressed, but I am her mom. I consider myself a creative speller if you know what I mean!!!! It’s exciting to see her learn and she how proud she is when she accomplishes something new

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  • Burke family

    She is such a cutie! I love the curls too. Apparently it’s super easy to do, huh? “Just put in spongy rollers, sleep on them, and voila!” That’s so cute! She is definitely a girlie girl. And your rag quilt turned out SOOOO cute! I love it!

  • Janet

    Oh man, it really turned out to be darling!! That didn’t take you long at all!! The rocket ship looks like story hour was lots of fun. Was that the one on base or the one by your house? Anyway, Grandma is bringing the Nuvi so I can get Kennedy to all her fun activities without getting us all lost!! It’s my new best friend. It did the trick for me in Grants Pass!!

  • Julie Arfmann

    Everything is really cute except for the cockroach! Gross! Hope you guys have a great weekend!
    Love, Jules

  • Myers Family

    Natalie – Kennedy is so beautiful! Remember when she was just a peanut and Josh was always twice her size! Well that probably hasn’t changed much actually…Josh is the same size as Lori. It sounds like you guys are having some fun times in Forida. That is so exciting! love, camille

  • ~SHERI

    Your roach post made me laugh so hard! As I was reading it Maddy came up behind me and said “eww, I don’t like rockcroashes!” And your quilt is SO great! Someday when I grow up I will be all crafty like you!

  • Eaton Five

    What a cute quilt! You are amazing! Good luck the next few weeks I can’t wait to hear the big news.

  • roberta

    I still love your quilt. I just made one for Matt and Amanda, but I love yours. Could you tell me how big of blocks you cut. Did you use 3 different fabrics or 4? How many up and down. It is way cute. Check mine out on Matt and Amanda’s family site. Little Ella is here and you can see her. She is way cute. Thanks, Roberta Inglet Tell Bri hello. Why is he traveling so much, don’t they leave him on base?

  • Tara

    Kennedy is so cute! I’m impressed she can spell so well! That’s very impressive at her age! Jer and I were realizing the other night how close you are to welcoming a new member into the family! We’re excited for you!!

  • Erika & Jason Allred

    I love making rag quilts they are so fast to make. It is really cute too. I also would love my hair in curlers, so I glad Kennedy loves them to.

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