I HATE Roaches and creepy things in general

Okay, so I hate roaches and creepy things in general. Last week I found a lizard in my light right above my bed. GROSS! I was so freaked out it would get out and get into my bed. Brian had already left for work before I discovered this guy. I am just plain physically incapable of capturing and killing them. There just isn’t enough toilet paper in the world. I shiver just thinking about it! Kennedy and I kept a watch on it all day periodically checking to make sure it was still stuck. Luckily it was still there when Daddy came home from work.
Unfortunately this morning Kennedy and I discovered a roach this morning while we were vacuuming. Typically I would stick a paper cup over the bugger and weight it down and leave it for Bri. However, he has been out of town this week for work and so I am left to fend for myself!! I had to protect our home! Kennedy and I were freaking out, but I finally captured it and disposed of it, but I think I will be traumatized for the rest of the day! These little buggers are fast and icky! They can fly too. I was just waiting for it to fly into my hair! Just thought I would share. I love Florida. Cockroaches have replaced the boxelder bugs that Idaho has. Bugs just give me the creepy crawlies.

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  • Burke family

    That is so gross! I don’t do bugs either! Yuck! I guess there has to be some drawback to living in paradise, huh? And your pregnant belly picture is too cute. I can’t believe how close you are getting. Take it easy and learn to say NO to people! 🙂 That should help with the puking.

  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    I am the same way! I put cups over spiders till Stephen gets home. At least I used to. Now Lucy would just take the cup off and try to play with the spider. She doesn’t understand yet how scary they are! I don’t want to scare her, so I try not to freak out when I find them.

  • Shanna

    Only a month left! I can’t believe it. I’m sorry you’re not feeling very well. I’m sure the creepy crawly things don’t help any! Lizards above your bed?! Gross!!Hope you get feeling better. Take it easy! Love you!

  • Zach 'n' Jack

    ewww I’m with you on the nasty bugs. I can’t stand them either!! I can’t even imagine having to deal with cockroaches. You are my idol!

  • Mandy

    That is too funny! You’ve gotta love Florida!

  • Janet

    Wow!! You are having such a fun week!! Keep smiling:). Love you!!

  • Erin

    Those giant Palmetto bugs are the most horrible things in the world. I use my vacuum to catch them, because the long wand lets me stand way back from the evil little buggers.
    Lizards, however, are on our team since they eat bugs 🙂

  • Tara

    Ethan would love it but I’m with you! Especially those cockroaches-ugh!

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