It’s no secret that we are
We were thrilled to be able to watch the BYU game on TV. We only get a few this year (big pout lip). We were even more jealous of Grandma, Grandpapa, Aunt Katie ,Uncle Chris, and Jordan who where there in person. Kennedy got all dressed up in her cheerleader outfit and put her teddy bear Maddie bear in her cougar blue too. Kennedy was doing stunts with Maddie and touchdown dances with her BYU football. We train them young around here! We popped popcorn (as requested by Kennedy) and watched the game. What a great game!!!
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  • Burke family

    Oh man! So fun! Wish you could have been with us too. It was a great game to be at. But it looks like you had a fun game day party too.

  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    Lucy was looking at your blog with me, and she saw Kennedy in a blue and white cheerleader outfit with blue and white pom-poms and said “Go Aggies!” You know where our allegiance lies!

  • Tara

    Nat, I’m with you on the jealous thing. I would have loved to been at the game (or at least to have watched it on TV)….I love Kennedy’s BYU cheerleader outfit.
    Love ya,

  • Jeff and Lea

    That is the cutest outfit! She looks so pretty. I love that she dressed her bear up too.

  • Janet

    How we wished you all could have been at the game with us!! We decided we actually like those top row seats – unless you can get really close – they are pretty awesome. A lot more room to move around and for little ones to play!! We saw lots of little cheerleaders and missed our own little BYU girl!! The pictures are soo cute – I bet she and Mattie Bear had some sweet moves! Hugs and Kisses!

  • roberta

    WOw, I am impressed with Kennedy’s outfit. She is such a cutie. Actually beautiful is the word. I loved the bear too. Did she make it at “Build the Bear?” Yes, the Inglet’s are a little BYU nuts. Poor Amanda is all about Boise but Matt is training Logan and so he is definately a BYU fan. I think one of his first sentences were “Go Cougar.” Of course, he is all about Cosmo. They took him to a game when he was only about 8 months old. Yes, it is crazy.

    I think that Kennedy and Logan would look cute at a BYU game too. Tell Brian hello, and we are excited for your little boy too. What is his name going to be COSMO?
    Love, Roberta and Clark Inglet

  • Erich and Kara

    That’s right Go COUGS! Saturday’s game was simply phenomenal 🙂 What a fun year for Cougar football. We, like you were mourning that we couldn’t actually be at the game live.
    At any rate I’m very impressed with the Cougar pride. Kennedy looks absolutely adorable.

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