Excitement around here.

Mommy School
Kennedy and I have been having fun at home with our little learning “school” time. She really enjoys it
and seems to be learning a lot.

Our ABC ice cream cone. Kennedy is really excited to watch it grow as we add scoops. She would like to do about 10 a day if I would let her!!!


Last night after dinner Daddy and Kennedy hit tennis balls and had a great time. Kennedy actually has quite the shot! Daddy had his 2nd trial and first big courts martial yesterday and things went really well. He’s modest. If you ask him he will say it’s like riding a bike for the first time- a little wobbly. Kennedy just thinks it’s cool that daddy puts the bad guys away!

More of our little ballerina

Her teacher said she is the little mama of the class. She also said she is such a happy child. I hope that wasn’t a nice way of saying that she’s bossy. One little girl in the class cries every time they play a certain song. Kennedy is rather concerned about this! I am certain that our little guy is going to have two mamas though!!

The joys of hurricane season!

This is a picture of our street. Thankfully our house is up the street a little bit, but these people can’t even park in their drive ways. Kennedy thought it was wild. The waters are surging and some of the roads have been shut down because they are covered in water. Kennedy thought it was fun to splash around. I can only imagine what Texas will look like!!! Good luck Jeremey and Tara! We will be praying for you there in Houston.

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  • Shanna

    Hey Nat! That ABC icecream cone is a cute idea. That’s great that she’s so excited about learning. I can’t believe your street! Does that happen often there?

  • roberta

    Your daughter is way cute. She looks like she has quite a swing. Built in, natural talent however. Did Brian tell you that it was our daughter Angie that talked Colleen into signing up Brian and Julie for tennis lessons. Matt ended up not liking it, but Brian loved it and now look at him and his little daughter.

    The flooding was awful. I would like to know what it was like to be in the middle of that. WOW, you are brave.

    What was the guy court martialed for? Very interesting blog. Love, Roberta and Clark

  • Julie Arfmann

    Hi Guys! Cute and Scary blog all in one. Yikes! I am glad you guys are okay. The girls are going to a Hillcrest Cheer Clinic tomorrow, that would be fun if Kennedy was here to go too! Maybe someday! Love you guys!

  • Burke family

    Cute little Kennedy girl. Mom told me about her “creative” ideas and your teacher frustrations. It just makes me laugh. Be patient and just have fun.

  • Janet

    I love the picture of Kennedy wading in the water, holding her skirt up!! That is too cute!! Tell Kennedy that thanks to her prayers, Ethan and Dallas’ house didn’t blow away – not even their swing set! She is so cute and so sweet! The worst will be no water, gas or electricity for who knows how long – maybe even weeks! Maybe Dad and I will reevaluate our “retire to Houston” thoughts!! I wonder how long before Jer can go back to work – I am sure the hospital was flooded – it is right in the middle of downtown Houston!! Anyway, it is so crazy to see the place where we went walking and looking at crabs all underwater :(! Hope all this is done with soon – I have to come out for this new little guy and I really don’t want to have to deal with hurricanes!! Hugs and Kisses for everyone and way to put the bad guys away Bri! You might have to get your big gun out of storage in Alabama while you are! Tee Hee!! I’m glad to see you are working on the next Sharapova of the tennis world! Too cute!!

  • Rick & Marianne

    It’s fun to see your updates. You look so good and due in just a few weeks! How exciting…a boy! I love the ABC ice cream cone. I’ll have to do that. What do you and Kennedy do during that time? I would love ideas. Will she go to kindergarden next year?
    I can’t believe your street. How crazy!
    What a cute family! Love, Marianne

  • Tara

    Thanks for all of your prayers. Ethan was actually praying for Kennedy too the night of the hurricane. I don’t think he quite realized what was going on. He was worried about your house flooding along the beach. We’re sure glad it didn’t hit yall. We’re quite a ways more inland.

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