Glamor Girl

This is what happens when you turn your back for 2 seconds to change the load of laundry! At least the eye makeup matches the outfit right???!

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  • Janet

    THAT brings back memories!! You did just that same thing at just about that same age. When you came out thinking you looked so so beautiful, Dad told you that you looked like a clown. Boy, did that ever make the tears spring out and run all your lovely make-up!! Thia child is so deja vu!!!!!! 🙂

  • Janet

    Your new vacation smileboxes you posted down below are awesome!! I’m ready to do it all over again!! You know me play, play, play!!!

  • Burke family

    Hey – i’d say she did pretty good for a 4 year old. That cracks me up thinking about you though. I can just picture how hurt that made you feel. Too funny!

  • Burke family

    Why’d you hide the vacation pics way down there. How was I supposed to know they were there. Anyways, very fun. Wish we were there playing with you way more!

  • erin

    You can never wear too much sky blue eyeshadow 🙂

  • Shanna

    Kennedy is growing up so fast. I have to say that she did do a pretty good job considering she’s not even 4! That girl is such a busy body. And soooo cute! Good luck keeping her busy!

  • Angie

    Just like her cute mom!!!:)

  • Julie Arfmann

    Nat! You are so close to having your baby! Can I claim him too! Your bassinet looks so cute. I can’t wait to see the whole room for him! I can’t get over how beautiful Kennedy is! We miss all of you, okay, this is rediculous, now I’m crying…it must be that time of the ….

  • ~SHERI

    I bet she is better at putting that on then I am…kind of sad…

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