Keeping her busy!

I have found that being the mother of Kennedy is much easier if I keep her busy with activities and fun things. If I don’t, then she always seems to find trouble to fill her time! She might look completely innocent, but don’t be fooled! The other day she said to me, “Mom, we had such a fun great day!” We went to story hour, playgroup, and then on to dance. Yeah it was a great day. I got absolutely nothing done, but she had fun and didn’t get into mischief.

Today we went to an art class called abrakadoodle. It was lots of fun. They read some stories about pirates, and then got to do a craft. Today they got to play with model magic. Kennedy made a pirate ship. She thought it was really great and was completely proud of her finished product. She was a little sad that they didn’t get to paint this time, but there’s always next time.

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  • Janet

    That is quite the masterpiece!! I love the look of pride on her face. So cute! There are days you just don’t get much done until after bedtime!! I love the dance picture! She does look so sweet and innocent! She is a doll – even if she can be a bit mischievous at times!!! Just remember creativity is a good thing – but it can drive moms to the nut house quickly!!!

  • Tara

    I’m right there with you on the keeping kids busy so they don’t get into trouble. I’ve found that when I play all morning with the boys they are usually more willing to play with each other all afternoon. It is nice having them closer together for that reason. We wish too that yall were close and could join in our “preschool”. We love yall!

  • Katyanne

    I know exactly what you mean!!!! I have one of those kids. People say you should over schedule your kid…well I wouldn’t want to, but this kid thrives having activities and schedules. I can’t get her signed up for enough things. And my pocket book doesn’t appreciate it either šŸ™‚

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