The cradle is DONE!

I have been working on one baby project after another lately. I LOVE IT!!!! I finished the curtains for his room and finished adding the ties to the cradle bumper tonight. I think his cradle set turned out adorable. It is just what I envisioned. Thanks Mom for making the cute little cradle blanket. I think it’s just perfect. It all makes me so excited to meet this little guy of ours!

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  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    I think that is so adorable! You and your mom are very talented!

  • Amanda Jean

    Very cute! Looks like you are getting all ready for baby! Kennedy is beautiful!
    If your friends are LDS and were near the fires I bet they are in our ward!

  • Burke family

    That is SO cute! I love it! Dang, that mom of ours sure does good work, huh? We’re pretty lucky. I want a picture of the whole room. Is is all done now? How’s the rag quilt coming. I’m going to finish up my quiet book next week when I get to mom and dads so I’ll post pictures of it for you soon, okay. Love ya!

  • Janet

    Oh thanks for posting a picture so I could see it all done!! It is so cute …now we just need the baby to go in it!! I noticed you put on the plaid sheet so I’m guessing that was your favorite too! I love!!! that fabric. It seems strange to see it back as a cradle after being the seat for so long…exciting!!! Love you all!!

  • Katyanne

    what’s with the sailboats??? I thought your theme was sports. haha I considered sailing a sport too in Soren’s room. His is sports themed too. I gave Erin a sailboat for her evan’s baby shower and loved it so much I got one for soren’s room. I was like…..its sort of a sport!!!

  • Katyanne

    I forgot to mention it was way cute?? but if he was my kid he wouldn’t fit in that little cradle very long. awwww your making me cry thinking about my son. He turned 3 today.

  • Jeff and Lea

    That is so darling! You did a great job. It looks so good against the white.

  • Tara

    It’s adorable!!! I love making baby things too! My sewing machine broke last night and I’m devastated! You and Jan are sooo talented and come up with the cutest things!

  • Katyanne

    thats pretty darn cute if it turns into a bench!!!!!!

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