Our little girl is growing up!!!

It’s hard to believe that our little Kennedy is growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday that she was our precious baby girl. She made the announcement the other night that she was a big girl and that she no longer needs to sleep with her polka dot “silkies”. She went on to explain to us that she thought she would give them to baby brother because she thought he would like them. Daddy said to her, “But they are pink.” She just matter of factually said, “Dad, pink just might be his favorite color.” Brian would die before that happens, but we both thought it was so sweet of her! She has been attached to those “silkies” since she was a few months old. How did this happen??? I didn’t mean to let her grow up so fast!!!

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  • Burke family

    Wow! No more silkies! That’s craziness! What a sacrifice! What a funny girl! And yes, she is growing up way too fast! I remember like just yesterday her first birthday party. She was so cute and fun! And the trips each spring to Portland. Oh man, time flies.

  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    I know what you mean! They grow up so fast. Of course, Kennedy has always acted so grown up, hasn’t she? I find myself wishing for new milestones with my girls (like potty training!) and then wishing for my little girls to be tiny babies once again. Time is so precious!

  • Jeff and Lea

    She is so grown up! It really is crazy how fast they do grow. My girls are 11 months today. One more month and they are 1! I wish they could stay small forever, but change their own diapers!

  • Tara

    What a sweet, precious girl! She looks like a natural in her dancing shoes! We are seriously planning a trip out there this spring and can’t wait to meet your new little guy, too!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Brian how did you get so lucky to get two such beautiful women in your life? Kennedy is absolutely a living doll. I love reading the blog and read all the funny things she says. If I was your Mom, I think I would be going broke with airline tickets to see her. I bet it is fun to get Kennedy and Julie’s little girls together. Such fun little girls.
    I agree Pink might not be the color for your little guy. But it is a sweet gesture.
    I am glad that Natalie is blogging to Amanda, and I hope you guys can be close friends. Since Natalie’s sister lives in Boise, maybe you guys could get together some time.
    Love, Roberta and Clark

  • Julie Arfmann

    Kennedy is so beautiful! I didn’t know that she was taking dance class, that is so exciting, what kind of dance? Now that I’m checking your blog all of the time I’m getting really Brinatkennath-sick. I want to see you guys!
    Love, Jules

  • Janet

    Grandma just wants to kiss that cute shiny little face! How we miss all of you!! Her curls are so cute!! She IS Grandma’s Pretty Princess! She is so sweet to give up her silkies. Hmmm…maybe Mommy can have them back to use for the purpose they were originally intended?! Now there is an idea! šŸ™‚ I just have to laugh every day at her because “When she is good, she is very,very good BUT….” So much like someone else we all know and love was!! I hope you all survive the “FOURS”! They were way worse than the “Twos” ever thought of being – at least for you!!! XXOO

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