Our little Ballerina

Kennedy has been longing to take a dance class. She loves music and has been doing Kindermusic, but the teacher moved. Since we decided not to send her to preschool, we thought it would be a good idea to let her take dance. She started tap and ballet this last week and loved it. There are 5 other little girls in her class and it seems like it is going to be something she looks forward to every week. We’ve been dancing around the house ever since. Her Dad was trying to get her to do some wild tap moves in her shoes, and she told him, “Dad, my teacher didn’t give us permission to do that yet.” What a smart teacher! You can imagine the chaos that might erupt from six three year olds in tap shoes.

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  • callingallinglets

    Little Kennedy is adorable. Maybe tell her that I use to teach Auntie Shannon and Julie singing. It was called “The Moppetts,” and they loved it. Even her Daddy was in my all boys group and then in high school he did Shobiz Entertainers. Oh what memories.
    She is so beautiful. We are praying so hard that the hurricane doesn’t hit you. Would you have to evacuate or what are they saying? Tell Bri hello, Roberta and Clark

  • Janet

    She looks like a little ballerina doll! So cute!! Those ARE different tap shoes. I like them though, the tie-on ones were such a nuisance!! Keep us posted on her new dance moves! Maybe a video?!! šŸ™‚ We’re glad you didn’t get evacuated – I think! It’s a lot of stress to have to worry about you guys and Jer and Tara too!!! I want it to go west to miss you … but too far west and it gets them! Ahhh!!!

  • Burke family

    Oh, what a doll! She looks so stinkin’ cute and so excited too! I’m glad she is loving it!

  • Angie

    She’s so cute. She is looking more and more like you!! It’s so fun to watch the little ones dance. Maybe someday I will get a little dancer.

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