Tropical Storm Fay

Kennedy’s become quite the meteorologist this week and always wants to watch the weather channel to find out what Fay is doing. She thinks it’s pretty cool that the storm has a girl name. She won’t let anyone drink any of the bottled water just in case we need it. She’s very worried that she might have to drink toilet water, or use toilet water to brush her teeth. I think someone said something like that at church and got her thinking.
Also, here are the pictures from the adventures with Brian’s parents. We played around here for awhile and then took a road trip to New Orleans.

Click to play New orleans
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  • Burke family

    Silly girl! That makes me laugh. That would be pretty yucky though! 🙂

  • Janet

    I don’t blame her – especially not after your previous toilet incident!!!

  • Katyanne

    my sister is in alabama and is worried about the same storm!!

  • Tara

    That’s so cute! So yall survived! We are hearing tales of a new storm headed our way this weekend! We’ll have to swap hurricane/tropical storm stories!

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