When will it stop?????????

So, last night Bri drove home from work and the car totally died in the driveway. Every light was on the dash and we thought the air bags were going to go off any minute. We already recently replaced a car last October! I guess it could have been worse though. The car could have died on Highway 98 on the way home! At least he made it home safe and sound! I guess we will go look at cars this morning because it’s beyond repair at this point!

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  • Burke family

    Love the pictures! Did you make the layered cake. That always turns out so cute. I definitely need to try it sometime. Bri looks intense on the guitar. Wish we could play it with you. SO did you find a new car… keep us posted. That stinks!

  • Janet

    I love the look of concentration on Bri’s face!! It’s just a game Bri!! But… we’re glad he likes it!

  • Shanna

    Kennedy is growing up! She looks so cute! Looks like you know how to throw a fun birthday party.

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