ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE! Pictures from Brian’s Birthday

We had a fun night celebrating Brian’ Birthday August 1st. I am a little slow with the pictures, but oh well! Kennedy and I had fun decorating and baking a cake for him. We have done the same cake for him 3 years in a row now. We love it and it’s fun to make. Beside, it’s not quite the tall order that Kennedy always comes up with for her cakes. Bri got a lot of new book (no shock to anyone that knows him!), and some fun games for his Wii. We gave him Super Smash Bros and my parents gave Guitar Hero III. Brian thought Guitar Hero was even more fun than he imagined. Kennedy thinks it’s pretty cool- if only there were songs she knew like Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam! I still haven’t tried it, but I am just mostly entertained watching Brian play! He gets way into it! It’s been a nice stress reliever. He’s been busy at work with some huge cases. It was fun to just enjoy the night together the 3 (oops 4) of us!

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