WARNING!!!! You may throw up in your mouth!!

Let me just start by saying that yesterday was VERY interesting. I might add that it is only now that I can laugh about the whole fiasco! So, yesterday morning I was watching one of my good friend’s kids while she went to the dentist. The kids had fun, and Kennedy and I were cleaning up all the toys. Suddenly we started to smell this huge whiff of POOP. The smell got worse and stronger. It was filling the entire house! Kennedy and I went to investigate only to find that we had sewer waste shooting out of all of our toilets. I was freaking out. My sink pipes have been leaking all over the place in the kitchen and we’ve been trying to get them all fixed. I just thought… WHAT NEXT!??? I looked outside and noticed the city doing some work in the road on the corner of our house. I asked the worker, “You aren’t by chance working with the sewer are you???” He replied, “Yes, Ma’am . We are cleaning the lines out in case we have a hurricane come through.” I then said, ” You are making my house smell like the sewer, and my toilets are shooting sewer out of them.” He then asked, “Is it just sputtering on the toilet seat??” I told him it was shooting out all over everything. He immediately started to yell turn it down! TURN IT DOWN! He got on his walkie talkie thing and was shouting the message over and over. I don’t think he ever understood how bad it was. Brian thinks I should have brought him in to look for himself. I almost freaked out again there and then. Come on folks this isn’t like the toilet at the mall that spatters when you flush it. Do you consider sewage waste dripping from you ceiling, door, all over the floor a little sputter???. It was on everything. This was projectile like Old Faithful. I had shreds of toilet paper and waste all over everything including our hairbrush and toothbrushes. I had a robe and shirt of Brian’s hanging on the back door in our bathroom and it got plastered with poop and pieces of toilet paper. To make it worse, this isn’t my families poop, this is the entire streets or more! YUCK! Come to find out, the city shot their pressurizer up the wrong pipe which happened to be into my house rather than their waste disposal hose. I called Brian at work and got proper sympathy (What a good husband). He told me to take pictures (the lawyer in him), which I did. I will spare all of you because they are gross. The sad part is that a picture just never does it justice! I spent about 3 hours chloroxing the bathrooms ceiling to floor (NO JOKE!!) I had poop running down my walls. I wore rubber gloves! I had about 3 loads of laundry to do after the 3 hour scrub down. I had to wash and sanitize everything- towels, shower curtain, basically anything in the room! Some things I just threw away. Being pregnant didn’t help and I am already still nauseas, so my stomach was all cramping up. This was by far more disgusting than anything I ever had to do as a nurse! I guess it’s a good thing I can laugh about it now!

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  • Burke family

    Oh Nat! I still can’t believe that happened to you! SO GROSS! And by the way – I just looked at your baby counter and couldn’t believe it. It’s getting really close and he’s totally looking like a really baby. Crazy! Anyways, let’s not have any more poop fiascos okay – I think one is plenty for any pregnant lady to endure! 🙂 I’m glad you can laugh about it, I’d still be freaking out I’m sure!

  • Stephen & Jill Williams

    That is the most disgusting thing ever! I am so sorry that happened to you. You should have made the city come and clean it up. I hope one of the things you threw away was your toothbrush! Thanks for sharing – I read it out loud to Stephen and we both had a good laugh! But I’m still sorry you had to go through that!

  • Julie Arfmann

    SICK! Ryan and I are feeling bad for you guys. We’re going to stop whining about the four (clean water) floods that we’ve had at our house:). Okay, so Kennedy is so adorable! Also, the rocking chair is so perfect. We are so excited for you guys to have a boy! Love, Jules

  • Angie

    That’s disgusting!!! And I know first hand what you did in nursing school!!!

  • Janet

    Ummm…That is just WRONG!!!

  • Erich and Kara

    You poor thing…that’s just aweful for anyone to go through…especially an already naseus pregnant lady. I have to say I am very impressed that you bucked up and cleaned it instead of waiting for Brian, way to go! You definitely have my sympathy.

  • Shanna

    That is sooo disgusting! I could hardly believe it when my mom told me. You better get some type of reimbursement for such a disaster. I know a good lawyer :). Well, I guess accidents happen, but that’s a pretty bad one. I hope your luck improves! Take care!

  • Tara

    Oh, Natalie!! I can’t imagine! I would be puking and I’m not even pregnant! You are amazing!

  • ~SHERI

    You should have called the relief society compassionate service leader…haha! Imagine what you would do with that call…be careful around the bleach girl! No harsh cleaners! And no poop either…

  • Dallings

    That is one hell of a case for negligent infliction of emotional distress!!!!

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